Co-production is a term increasingly ‘claimed’ by researchers and research funders. However its application in health and social care research varies, revealing a lack of consensus around the concept. Some argue that co-production in research is just ‘really good PPI’.  For others it is very different; a much more deliberative process which requires public members and ‘professionals’ to be involved on an equal footing throughout every stage of the design and delivery of research

INVOLVE is leading across the NIHR to deliver a project which is expected to recommend a pragmatic NIHR understanding of ‘co-production in research’.  The longer term vision is for this to be adopted and embedded into the processes, procedures and culture of the NIHR.

This project seeks to provide conceptual clarity in terms of where and how the discourse, principles and elements of co-production ‘fit’ with that of PPI in research generally and the work of NIHR specifically.  The intention is to get consensus across the NIHR on the learning points from the project.

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