This project will address the second of eleven recommendations in the ‘Going the Extra Mile’ report ( “The NIHR should commission the development of a set of values, principles and standards for public involvement. These must be co-produced with the public and other partners. They should be framed in such a way, and with a clear set of self-assessment criteria, so that organisations across the NIHR see their adoption as integral to their continuous improvement in public involvement”. The Central Commissioning Facility (CCF) and INVOLVE are leading this project and have partnered up with Health and Care Research Wales (HCRW) to develop NIHR and HCRW wide, organisational standards for public involvement.

The vision of this work is to improve the quality and consistency of public involvement within and across NIHR and HCRW through the introduction of standards.   This work will be delivered by a PPI Standards Development Partnership, with representatives from INVOLVE, NIHR Central Commissioning Facility, HCRW and members of the public.  The project builds on work already undertaken on values and principles for public involvement (Values and principles framework). The partnership will;

  • Build on existing examples, experience and good practice from Scotland and Northern Ireland (our ‘pathfinders’).
  • Draft standards for public involvement that will be useful and applicable.
  • Create an open online space for updates on progress of developing standards. This will include information about timelines of activity and consultation, partnership meeting minutes, signposting to resources being used for the project and an expression of interest function.
  • Agree a draft set of core PPI standards to include the rationale behind each standard, how it aligns to the values and principles for public involvement along with its importance.
  • Expand the core PPI standards and ‘sense check’ that they work with the everyday business of public involvement in research from research organisation, research project and individual (involved public and researcher) perspectives.
  • Consult on the draft core standards for public involvement widely for comment and feedback. It is anticipated that this will be in February 2017.
  • Pilot standards and evaluate followed by formal launch and roll out across NIHR and HCRW.