My Signals: What research matters to you?

The NIHR Dissemination Centre has launched its first ‘My Signals’ collection.

In My Signals, health and social care staff and service users reveal what research is important to them and why they feel others need to know about it. The first ‘My Signals’ collection has been collated by four members of the public with experience of health research. They explain which NIHR Signals have most interested them, or even prompted them to rethink their care, and explain why they feel the findings are worth sharing.

Read My Signals: Patient Collection  

NIHR Signals are summaries of the latest important health research, produced by the NIHR Dissemination Centre. They explain why the study was needed, what the researchers did, what the study found, how this relates to current guidelines and what the implications are of the findings. You can find the latest NIHR Signals on the Discover Portal.

Join the conversation on Twitter and tell us which Signals interest, excite or surprise you, using #MySignals.