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Participating in community research: exploring the experiences of lay researchers in Bradford

Newell, C. & South, J
Community, Work & Family, 12(1), 75-89
Added: 28 September 2010

Participatory action research with older adults: Key principles in practice.

Blair, T. & Minkler, M.
The Gerontologist, 49(5), 652-662.
Added: 28 September 2010

Participatory action research: Lessons learned with Aboriginal grandmothers.

Dickson, G. & Green, K.
Health Care for Women International, 22(5), 471-482.
Added: 27 January 2009

Partnership research with older people - moving towards making the rhetoric a reality.

Reed, J., Weiner, R. & Cook, G
Journal of Clinical Nursing, 13(3a), 3-10.
Added: 28 September 2010

Patient advocates’ role in clinical trials

Katz, M., Archer, L., Peppercorn, J., Kereakoglow, S., Collyar, D., Burstein, H., Schilsky, R. and Partridge, A.
Cancer. 2012 Oct 1;118(19):4801-5. doi: 10.1002/cncr.27485. Epub 2012 Mar 5.
Added: 04 September 2012

Patient and clinician collaboration in the design of a national randomized breast cancer trial.

Marsden, J. & Bradburn, J.
Health Expectations, 7, 6-17.
Added: 22 February 2007

Patient and public involvement in coproduction of knowledge: Reflection on the analysis of qualitative data in a mental health study

Gillard, S., Simons, L., Turner, K., Lucock, M. & Edwards, C.
Qualitative Health Research, 2012 Aug; 22(8):1126-37. Epub 2012 Jun 6.
Added: 20 June 2012

Patient and public involvement in data collection for health services research: a descriptive study

Garfield, S., Jheeta, S., Jacklin, A., Bischler, A., Norton, C. and Franklin, B.
Research Involvement and Engagement 2015, 1:8
Added: 14 October 2015