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Title: Service user involvement: Synthesis of findings and experience in the field of community care
Author: Lindow, V. & Morris, J.
Date Published: 1995
Reference: York: York Publishing Services. (ISBN 1 899987 00 2)
Are service users or carers authors: Yes


Aim: This report summarises a range of work commissioned by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) to explore different aspects of service user involvement.  There is a short section on involvement in research.  

Each section makes suggestions about topics for future research. 
Findings/recommendations: The authors begin by considering the theme of unequal power relationships, which was common in much of the work commissioned by JRF. 
The second section of the book deals with the involvement of individuals in decisions which affect their lives, and considers some of the barriers to involvement and the opportunities for people to influence decisions. 
Section 3 looks at collective involvement. Again there is a discussion about barriers to involvement, and then a look at what service users need organisations to do to make involvement possible.  This section also looks at user controlled organisations and services. 
Section 4 reflects on involvement in professional education and staff development.   
Section 5 considers research about user involvement, and user involvement in research.  It looks at the challenges of involving marginalised groups in research, and briefly reflects on the impact of involving service users on the research process.  This includes:
  • changing the focus of research
  • changing the nature of the research
  • changing how reports are written
  • enabling researchers to access a wider range of people.

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