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Title: The power and the promise: Working with communities to analyse data, interpret findings and get to outcomes
Author: Cashman, S., Adeky, S., Allen, A., Corburn, J., Israel, B., Montano, J., Rafelito, A., Rhodes, S., Swanston, S., Wallerstein, N. and Eng, E.
Date Published: 2008
Reference: American Journal of Public Health, 98(8), 1407-1417
Are service users or carers authors: Yes


This paper describes four brief case studies of community-based participatory research where community members were involved in data analysis or interpretation, or both.

The involvement of community members helped to:

  • identify major research questions to ask of the data
  • determine the meaning of the results and their implications for action
  • expand the researchers' understanding of the issues
  • identify priorities for action and strategies to address them
  • identify further research questions.

Overall, the community members provided an in-depth understanding of the broader community context and the implications for interpreting the quantitative results.

The researchers conclude that the involvement enriched their insights and findings and ensured that the interpretation of findings had meaning for the community.

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