The costs of training will vary enormously depending on the precise format that it takes. It’s important to build in all the relevant costs in any funding bid for a project with public involvement.

Please note that benefits guidance and tax legislation been subject to considerable change/reinterpretation since 2019. Any INVOLVE documents referring to the payment of involvement fees may now be out of date and are pending a review during 2020. INVOLVE’s guidance should not be substituted for professional advice, and INVOLVE accepts no liability for decisions or actions taken as a result of its guidance. You are always recommended to take your own tax, finance or legal advice.

The expenses associated with training events might include:

  • trainer / facilitator / speaker costs – fees, travel, accommodation, thank you payment
  • travel and accommodation expenses for participants
  • payment for participants’ time while attending the training
  • catering – lunch / tea / coffee
  • costs for social media, teleconferencing or webinars for remote access to training
  • venue / room hire
  • paper / printing handouts
  • hire of specialist equipment or support services, for example projector, laptop, internet access, hearing loop, hoist, interpreters or signers
  • carer / childcare costs
  • costs of certificates or accreditation.