Alcohol Research UK is an independent charity that tackles alcohol-related harm by funding high quality, impartial research. We provide grants to people working at the cutting-edge of alcohol-harm prevention, whether undertaking research, testing out new ideas or running projects that help to disseminate high quality evidence. We also have a studentship scheme which invests in promising researchers embarking on a career in the field.

Public involvement in research

Since October 2016 the new PPI lead has been active in organising public involvement events (roundtables, workshops/research training, a conference) across the UK (London, Birmingham, Edinburgh) and funding research that meets our public involvement criteria, which is now a requirement of our Research Innovation grants and is strongly encouraged for our Small grants scheme. We are currently in the process of recruiting service users to become part of a panel that will advise on grant proposals and have already have developed strong links with existing service user panels in London and Sheffield through which we will recruit initially.


Although we are a London-based organisation we fund and support public involvement research and activities across the UK. We are also highly engaged in research events related to the prevention of alcohol harm (conferences, symposia, workshops, seminars) happening across the country.

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