The Arthritis Research UK Pain Centre at the University of Nottingham investigates the mechanisms that lead to the chronic pain experienced by sufferers of arthritis, in order to improve the treatment of that pain. The Centre is funded by a substantial award from Arthritis Research UK.

The Director of the Centre is David Walsh, Professor in Rheumatology, and the Deputy Director is Professor Victoria Chapman.

Research is undertaken by a multidisciplinary team based in the Schools of Medicine and Life Sciences. The team, led by Professors Walsh, Chapman, Auer, LincolnDoherty, Scammell, Vedhara and Ferguson as well as Drs. Kelly and Zhang, bring together expertise in the investigation of pain mechanisms and the evaluation and development of existing and new analgesics.

Psychological aspects, including patients’ beliefs about their pain are being studied alongside magnetic resonance imaging of brain activity. Studies of the peripheral, spinal and brain mechanisms contributing to arthritis pain increasing our understanding and pointing the way to the potential of novel treatment targets.

Our mission is to pursue international excellence in multidisciplinary, translational research, thereby enhancing understanding of arthritis pain and improving its treatment.

Public involvement in research

Patient and public involvement in our research into Pain and Arthritis will have a genuine impact on the quality of life of people with arthritis. People’s experiences of arthritis vary and so do the ways that they cope with their pain; our Patient and Public Involvement advisory group can help us to keep this in mind when we are planning and carrying out our research.

Background: The Arthritis Research UK Pain Centre has always had a commitment to involve patients and the public in our research and related activities. We are also dedicated to engaging with the public to share research news and information.


·         To gain real patient perspectives

·         To ensure our research is supported and valued by patients and the public leading to effective and appropriate research which helps safeguard research ‘participants’

·         To collaborate and engage with key stakeholders and communities

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Clinical Sciences Building, City Hospital, Hucknall Road, Nottingham, NG5 1PB

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Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, East Midlands

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