The King’s College London has a Stroke Research Patients and Family Group which was established in 2005. It brings together stroke researchers and people who have had a stroke and their family members who take part in the research. Current membership is about 35 and around 20 individuals regularly take part in the Group’s six-weekly meetings. The Group is convened by Dr Chris McKevitt.

Public involvement in research

Group activities include:

  • Discussion of proposed studies with researchers from within and outside King’s College London
  • Development and refinement of data collection methods for funded studies
  • Revision of patient information literature and consent forms for study participation
  • Contribution to data analysis
  • Development of ideas for new research projects answering questions which are important to people with stroke.
  • Guest speakers from other organisations including the Royal College of Physicians, the Stroke Association and the Department of Health
  • Planning and production of FORWARD, the newsletter for people on the South London Stroke Register
  • Group responses to relevant public consultations
  • Conference presentations, including INVOLVE conference and the UK Stroke Forum

Group members also participate in other user involvement activities, including lay reviewing for funding organisations, site visits for research and quality improvement, membership of steering and advisory groups for KCL and other studies.

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Capital House, 42 Weston Street, London SE1 3QD

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