Rapid creation and dissemination of trustworthy recommendations to the point of care: Collaborative network approach

* Wiki (means rapid in Indonese) Recommendations and evidence summaries composed as synopses

The WikiRecs project was established to drastically reduce the time it takes critical practice-changing evidence to reach patients. WikiRecs is a collaborative process including all key stakeholders to rapidly produce evidence summaries and trustworthy clinical practice recommendations. These recommendations are published as clinician-friendly synopses in medical journals and further disseminated to the point of care through innovative tools for decision support. The target is to have synopses and decision support tools available to clinicians within 90 days of identification of potentially practice-changing evidence.

Professional organisations face major hurdles in developing, disseminating and updating systematic reviews and guidelines. Collaborative networks of expert clinicians, patients and methodologists in partnership with medical journals can do this work far more efficiently and represent a potentially disruptive innovation necessary to provide clinicians and patients with recommendations based on the best current evidence.

Public involvement in research

In developing clinical practice guidelines, we involve patient partners (patients and/or carers with lived experience of the condition covered by the guideline) from the beginning, i.e. commenting on the protocol of the systematic review to inform the guideline, middle, i.e. communications and teleconferences regarding the evidence, to the end, i.e. commenting on the draft recommendations and the manuscript.


We are an international organization. Our patient partners are recruited from a number of general and disease-specific consumer organizations, through referrals from guideline panel members, and Twitter. Most of our patient partners have come from Canada and the United States, however we recently included a partner from Singapore.

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