The NIHR Brain Injury HTC is dedicated to identifying areas of unmet need for developing technology-based solution amongst patients of all ages with Traumatic (TBI), Acquired (ABI) or Developed (DBI) Brain Injury.

The HTC works with patients, carers, NHS, charities, academia, inventors, SME’s and business angels to support the development of new medical devices and healthcare technologies improving the effectiveness and quality of healthcare services.

Public involvement in research

The NIHR Brain Injury HealthCare Technology Co-operative is an organisation that brings patients, carers, academics, engineers, doctors and nurses together with industry to develop innovative technology to prevent and treat brain injuries and their after-effects.

We strongly believe that research should focus on questions that are important to people with brain injuries, and those who care for them, as well as on questions that health professionals think are important.


To ensure that patients and carers have a voice we invite people whose lives have been affected by a brain injury to get involved in our work.

The HTC has developed a volunteer register for patients and carers to assist in the advance of healthcare technologies. Registering an interest ensures that patients and carers will be notified of opportunities to further develop the HTC or to participate in research

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Dept. of Clinical Neurosciences University of Cambridge  Box 167  - Cambridge Biomedical Campus  CB2 0QQ

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