The Mental Health Research Network is part of the National Institute for Health Research and our mission is to help make research about mental health happen within the NHS in England.

We work with everyone who needs to be involved in research projects – researchers, mental health professionals, people with experience of mental health problems, their families and research and development staff based in NHS trusts.

We support studies that are based within mental health services, within social care services and within primary care services.

Public involvement in research

Each of the eight MHRN local offices (or ‘hubs’) across England actively involves service users and carers in its work and in mental health research studies that we support. Nationally we run a national network of people interested in getting involved in mental health research called Service Users in Research. We also operate a national network called FACTOR for carers, friends, and family members of people with expererience of mental health problems.


The MHRN has eight offices or hubs covering all of England. See:

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