Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust is one of the largest acute hospitals trusts in the country. We provide a full range of acute secondary care services to a local population of 650,000 people, as well as specialist services to a wider population in excess of 2 million people. We also host the largest of the five Ministry of Defence Hospital Units in the UK. The Trust also has a significant reputation in research, development and innovation.

Public involvement in research

We aim to involve patients and the public at all stages in our research. By doing this we ensure that our research addresses what matters to them most. We want patients and the public to be involved in a whole range of research activities including helping to develop research questions, applying for funding and ethical approval, sitting on advisory groups, carrying out the research and disseminating the research findings.

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Research and Innovation Department, First Floor, Lancaster House, Queen Alexandra Hospital, Cosham, Portsmouth, PO6 3LY

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