We are a network of service users, patients and carers with personal experience of living with pressure ulcers or being at risk of developing pressure ulcers. Our network aims are:

  • To help provide service users, patients and carers with a voice within pressure ulcer research
  • To raise awareness of pressure ulcers and improve patient care
  • To develop mechanisms which allow service users, patients and carers to be ethically and meaningfully involved in research
  • To recognise and develop the skills and expertise of network members 

The network is supported by the Clinical Trials Research Unit at the University of Leeds but we have members from across the UK. 

Public involvement in research

We collaborate with researchers and health professionals on projects related to pressure ulcers or general wound care. We take a flexible approach to involvement and try to offer a variety of activities which build on the existing skills of our members. Examples of our work include:

  • Contributing to the development and management of a clinical trial 
  • Helping to interpret research data 
  • Contributing to professional development activities, such as nurse education days
  • The development of patient focused pressure ulcer information 
  • Helping to develop a pressure ulcer risk assessment tool
  • Presenting at conferences and events
  • Writing about our experiences


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