Autism@Manchester is a community of academics, clinicians, practitioners, autistic adults, parents of autistic children and family members working together to achieve quality research with real meaning for people with autism.

Our key aims are to bring academics, clinicians and other practitioners together with members of the autistic community to:

  • Share knowledge and understanding around autism research;
  • Collaborate on the selection, design and conduct of research.

Public involvement in research

Our ultimate goal is to enable researchers to produce quality research with real meaning for autistic people. To accomplish this goal, Autism@Manchester has developed a number of initiatives based on consultation with the autism community. These include:

  • The circulation of newsletters, providing information on the latest research findings and opportunities to get involved at The University of Manchester and partner Universities
  • Co-authoring academic papers and grants with members of the autism community
  • An ‘Expert by Experience’ advisory group consisting of autistic adults, parents of autistic children and family members
  • Organising workshops and speakers on the topic of autism
  • Developing educational resources around autism.

In line with our aims, these activities and resources are organised and facilitated by both researchers and members of the autistic community.

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Carys Bannister Building, Dover Street, Manchester, M13 9PL

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Greater Manchester, The Northwest

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