Guidance on completing invoDIRECT registration form

Help with completing the form

This page explains the information that you should consider entering on the form when adding your group or organisation onto invoDIRECT. It is important that you think carefully about what goes into these fields as they will all be viewable to visitors to invoDIRECT.

Please write in plain English and do not include any acronyms.

Contact Name: Name a contact for this group or organisation who would be happy to be contacted by others.

Contact Position: Describe the role of the named contact.

Email Address: Provide the email address of the named contact that others can use to contact them.

Phone Number: Provide the phone number of the named contact that others can use to contact them.

Organisation Name: Name the group or organisation which will appear on the map.

Organisation Address: Enter the address, town and postcode of the main base of the group or organisation.

Geographical Coverage: If your group or organisation covers a local area within the United Kingdom, please select ‘Local (UK)’. If your group or organisation covers the whole of England or United Kingdom, select ‘National (UK)’. Select worldwide if the organisation is based outside of the United Kingdom.

Description of Organisation: Describe what the group or organisation does. Include anything that you think might be interesting for someone viewing the information. For example, the type of work that it gets involved in, who it is funded by and any relevant background information

Description of Public Involvement: Explain what your group or organisation does around public involvement in research. This could include the type of work that you do on public involvement or how the public are involved in your work.

Locations Covered: List the area(s) that your group or organisation covers. This could include towns, counties or countries. When entering a list of areas, please use commas between each area.

Organisation Website: Enter your group or organisations website address. (Please note that you will have to start the address with http://)

Public Involvement Pages: If the group or organisation has a particular website or page for public involvement on their website then enter the address.

Twitter Name: If your group or organisation is on twitter, enter the twitter name.

Facebook: If your group or organisation has a facebook page, please enter the facebook page address.

NIHR Networks: Tick to indicate if the group or organisation is part of any of these NIHR Networks. Information on the networks is available by hovering over the (?) symbol.