Website development

We would like to thank all those who worked with us during 2011 to develop the structure and the design of our website for their insight, expertise and patience:

  • Alison Faulkner, Independent Survivor Consultant, member of INVOLVE
  • Sarah Howlett, INVOLVE Coordinating Centre
  • Poonam Jain, Carer, member of INVOLVE
  • Martin Lodemore, Public Involvement Lead, NIHR Diabetes Research Network
  • Lucy Simons, INVOLVE Coordinating Centre
  • Patsy Staddon, Service User
  • Kati Turner, Service User Researcher

A special thanks to those who commented at various times during the development for their very helpful suggestions:

  • Simon Denegri, Chair of INVOLVE
  • Jim Elliott, Member of INVOLVE
  • Alison Ford, Public and Patient Involvement Manager, NIHR Evaluation Trials and Studies Coordinating Centre (NETSCC)
  • Tony Sargeant, Service User, member of INVOLVE
  • Christine Vial, Service User and Carer, member of INVOLVE