This project is addressing the second of eleven recommendations in the ‘Going the Extra Mile’ report ( “The NIHR should commission the development of a set of values, principles and standards for public involvement. These must be co-produced with the public and other partners. They should be framed in such a way, and with a clear set of self-assessment criteria, so that organisations across the NIHR see their adoption as integral to their continuous improvement in public involvement”.

Over the last two years a UK-wide partnership, have been developing a set of standards and indicators for public involvement/engagement in research.  The new, national standards for public involvement in research provide a framework for reflecting on and improving the purpose, quality and consistency of public involvement/engagement. They describe the building blocks for good public involvement/engagement and provide a baseline of expectations.

The partnership want to encourage people to start using the standards. During 2018/19, they will be working with 10 test bed projects (10 pilot sites) across the UK, to see how the standards work in practice in a variety of contexts.

You can download the Standards documents by clicking on the following links:

UK Standards for Public Involvement

UK Standards for Public Involvement Summary

UK Standards for Public Involvement – Easy Read Version

A Welsh version of the UK Standards for Public Involvement – Easy Read will be available shortly

You can find more information on the developing and piloting of the standards here.

Standards Consultation – Analysis