Criteria for including references in the INVOLVE Evidence library

The Evidence library has been developed for people with an interest in research into public involvement in research. It includes references (reports and articles) that cover:

  • the impact of public involvement on research
  • the nature and extent of public involvement in research, for example mapping public involvement
  • reflections on public involvement in research.

It also includes other pieces of work that shed new light or provide a new perspective on public involvement in research.

It does not include case studies or descriptions of good practice. Reports of research projects where the public have been involved are only included if they contain a substantial amount of critical analysis or substantial reflection on the impact or the nature of involvement.

While the main focus is on public involvement in NHS, public health and social care research, studies of service user involvement in service development are included when the lessons can be generalised.

The library contains journal publications and grey literature (project reports, conference presentations, books and book chapters, theses, editorials in journals) but does not include comments, letters and opinion pieces.

If you have a document or reference that you think should be included in the library, and that fits with the theme of the library – that is a document that reports on the impact of public involvement, the nature and extent of public involvement, or reflects on public involvement in NHS, health, public health or social care research – then please do tell us about it. Please note that all suggested references will be checked before they are placed in the library to make sure they meet the criteria for inclusion.