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The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) is committed to making sure that each research study it funds has a clear and concise plain English summary. It is important that this information explains the research as a whole and is easy to read and understand.  From 14 May 2014 a good quality plain English summary, submitted as part of the standard application form, is a requirement of NIHR funding. Guidance has been developed for researchers and for board and panel members. A NIHR Implementation group will take this work forward to monitor and assess the quality of the summaries.

A good quality summary

  • what is it?
  • why is it important?
  • how does it help?
  • how will it be assessed?

What to include?

  • aims and background of the research
  • design and methods used
  • patient and public involvement
  • dissemination

How to write a summary

  • use common English words
  • use active phrases
  • keep sentences short
  • break up text

Support and resources

  • guidance
  • examples
  • resources
  • links