Offer training and support

We suggest you plan for training and support for members of the public and the researchers in your team. Individuals might require different types of training and support depending on their needs and the project.

Different types of training might be:

  • attending training sessions or courses
  • ‘on the job’ training
  • sharing knowledge and experiences with colleagues and peers.

 Support might take the form of:

  • support from other team members
  • a mentor with similar experience
  • team meetings or one-to-one meetings with line managers
  • informal or formal mechanisms of peer support.

Ask members of the project team about their training and support needs. These may change as the project progresses and people become aware of the skills required.

Training for co-researchers receiving palliative care services had to be flexible and tailored to meet their specific needs. Training days were short, held over successive days. Remote learning was provided to allow co-researchers to manage their learning in their own time rather than travelling to training events. Sufficient time and resources have to be provided to enable effective training.

(Wright et al 2006 page 826)

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