2014 Conference

Abstract: The Department of Health Sciences, University of York is a large, multi-disciplinary and multi-professional department with an international reputation for research that improves health and healthcare. Involving members of the public is vital for designing and conducting effective research studies and teaching activities at the Department.

We recently set up a committee of patient/public members, researchers and administrative staff to advise, co-ordinate and embed patient and public involvement (PPI) across the department and to link with PPI activity in other departments at the University.

We will discuss:

  • How we set up the committee
  • Its role, membership and how we have established equality between members
  • Challenges faced
  • Progress and effectiveness
  • Aims for the future.

Our experiences may assist others who are trying to make PPI a fundamental part of the research and teaching process within an academic environment.

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Ashby ~ Rebecca

Rebecca is a research fellow and co-chair of the Department of Health Sciences Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) Committee at the University of York (UoY).

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Locke ~ Anthony

Patient and Public Involvement Lay Member, University of York. Anthony has been a participant in a large number of research studies, which led to him joining research application steering committees and NHS working groups as a patient advisor. He is a reviewer for research applications and member of patient support groups.

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Mitchell ~ Lindsey

Patient and Public Representative, University of York.

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Morley ~ Richard

Project Officer, University of York. Richard is co-chair of the Health Sciences Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) Committee, works on the James Lind Alliance Pressure Ulcer Partnership and is a James Lind Alliance Adviser. He previously helped establish the innovative East Midlands School for Social Entrepreneurs and a network of Independent Equalities Advisory Groups in Nottinghamshire.

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Norman ~ Gill

Gill is a research fellow at University of Manchester. Her research interests include systematic reviews and the integration of patient experience into evidence synthesis. She is a director of Antenatal Results and Choices, a healthcare charity which has patient support at the heart of its mission.

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Owen ~ Ceri

Ceri Owen is a Research Assistant at University of York. Her personal experience of serious mental illness has given her a keen interest in developing better healthcare. She has recently completed a Masters in Public Health, and is a trustee of a small charity working in global mental health. Her research interests include shared decision making in healthcare.

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