2008 Conference

We are organising a major summit which will bring members of Leicester’s diverse faith communities and Ambulance service managers and paramedics together for the first time. This will be the first time such an event has been held in the UK. It will take place in August 2008. The objectives are to generate community engagement in the work of the Ambulance Trust, identify key issues, raise awareness of the links between faith and health, and foster improved understanding and relationships between the Ambulance services and faith communities. The Leicester Council of Faiths and Charnwood Community Arts are working with the Ambulance service to hold this event.

The presentation will let people know how the summit was organised, and how people from faith communities were involved. People can also find out how ambulance services have improved as a result listening to people of faith.

People will learn why faith is important to many people when they are ill, and how ambulance services can respect the religious wishes of the public whilst still carrying out their duties.


Ballentyne ~ George

George is a former teacher. He works for the Leicester Council of Faiths and is of the Bahai Faith

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Barot ~ Mukesh

Equality Manager, East Midlands Ambulance Service. Mukesh has a background in community arts and local government. He now leads on Equality issues for the Ambulance service in the East Midlands. He is a Hindu.

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