2004 Conference

‘I like, I love’ is a research project that covers 6 European countries, looking for a new resource for people with learning difficulties around sexual health that is useful in all partner countries. This report from the researchers involved in the project will consider the professional involvement of people with learning difficulties. The report will address undertaking and implementing research with people with learning difficulties. Joyce Howarth will talk about the importance of people with learning difficulties being employed on the project. Sally Hillman will give her experience of being a researcher with learning difficulties. Kerrie Ford and Val Williams will talk about meeting all the partners in Mallorca and how Kerrie helped to decide on the way forward.

Issues for discussion will be:

  • The importance and added value of including service users in research about sensitive topics.
  • Methods for including service users in professional, mixed teams of researchers.
  • Doing research in an inclusive way in Europe.

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