2012 Conference

Recent literature reviews have concluded that assessment of the impact of patient and public involvement in research is difficult because the evidence base has been poorly reported and because of the complexity of measuring impact. One approach that has been proposed for assessing the quality and impact of public involvement in research proposals and journal articles has been informed by the Critical Appraisal Skills Programme (CASP) framework (Wright et al, 2010, Health Expectations 13, 359-368).

In this workshop we will present an evaluation of Peer Researcher Training of a lay panel, the Lived Experience Advisory Forum (LEAF), and lay reviewers for the Research Design Service (RDS) in South East England along with discussing how we have subsequently developed and evaluated the CASP approach with both lay and professional people who review research proposals. This will build on the experience of one LEAF member of both the Peer Researcher Training and using the CASP approach. Workshop participants will then have an opportunity to try out and discuss the CASP approach with a sample of research proposals. We hope that participants will learn enough to be able to try out the CASP approach in the areas of research they are involved in.

Meaningful or tokenistic? An approach to assess the quality and impact of public involvement in research proposals


Barron ~ Duncan

Duncan Barron is Senior Research Fellow in Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) at the University of Brighton and PPI Lead for the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Research Design Service (RDS) in the south east. Duncan has recently been seconded to Brighton and Sussex University Hospital Trust (BSUH) to help create and establish a PPI strategy for research across the whole Trust.

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Chandler ~ Ruth

Ruth Chandler coordinates service user and carer involvement in research at Sussex Partnership Foundation NHS Trust and is the Chair of LEAF (lived experience advisory forum). She has direct experience of psychosis and caregiving and has been an associate lecturer in Sussex Surrey and Brighton University. She has coauthored two books on recovery.

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Elliott ~ Jim

Public Involvement Lead, Health Research Authority. Jim is an experienced health research manager with a particular interest in facilitating effective public involvement, which is driven by his own lived experiences as a longterm carer. Jim leads the HRA’s work on public involvement and is a public contributor to a number of national research programmes and advisory groups.

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Walsh ~ Lucy

Lucy Walsh, Undergraduate in Psychology and Criminology at University of Brighton and Service User Quality Consultant at Southdown Housing Association in Sussex. Lucy Walsh is a founding member of LEAF and trained Peer Researcher on two NIHR studies. She has reviewed grant applications and is about to start data collection and collaborate with the design of a Service User Led evaluation. She has used skills acquired in training in further employment and education.

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