2012 Conference

Denmark is on the top five list among nations for clinical research. It is documented that the Danish population has a very positive attitude towards participation in clinical research. In 2010 it was recognised that this attitude was just one aspect of an active user involvement in research.

This presentation will describe how and why the inspiration from INVOLVE has played a crucial role for the plans for implementation of a comprehensive user involvement in research in Denmark.

The Role of INVOLVE for developing the Framework for User Involvement in Research in Denmark



Horder ~ Morgens

Professor, Department of Public Health, University of Southern Denmark. Mogens Hørder was for 20 years Dean of the Medical Faculty of the University of Southern Denmark. He is involved in research policy at national and European level.Currently he is chairing the action group on patient and public invovlement (PPI) in the context of the European joint programming initiative on neurodegenerative disease research (JPND).

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