2014 Conference

Abstract: For organisations that want to involve patients and the public in research, it can be difficult to find the time and the resources to provide training and support, particularly given the recent uncertain economic climate.

Since 2009, Asthma UK and Alzheimer’s Society have taken a collaborative approach to delivering training to their supporters, focusing on the basics of research and why it’s important to get involved. In previous years, MS Society, Epilepsy Action and Parkinson’s UK have also co-delivered the training. Almost 300 patients or carers have completed the training.

Participants in the training are equipped with the knowledge and confidence to perform different roles in research. By gaining an awareness of the challenges researchers face participants are also skilled to make constructive contributions to research projects.

Feedback from participants is used to directly inform and improve the training. Creativity, efficiency of resources, interlinking diverse networks and sharing experiences are just some of the benefits of collaboration, and the results of the sessions have been extremely positive for all involved.

This poster aims to outline the benefits of taking a collaborative approach to training patients and the public to make an effective and impactful contribution to research as well as providing an honest insight into some of the challenges that we faced. It also aims to elicit discussion on how this approach might be taken forward by other organisations.

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Coleman ~ Courtney

Research Operations Officer, Asthma UK. Courtney Coleman joined Asthma UK in October 2012 and supports the research funding process. Courtney works closely with Asthma UK’s Research and Policy volunteers, coordinating the lay review process and supporting external researchers to involve people with asthma in their work.

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Driscoll ~ Becky

Becky Driscoll is Public Involvement Officer at the MS Society. She previously worked for Alzheimer’s Society, coordinating the day-to-day activities of the Research Network volunteers.

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Murray ~ Matt

Research Engagement Manager, Alzheimer's Society. Matt Murray has worked for Alzheimer's Society for over 4 years, managing the expansion and development of its pioneering Research Network of over 250 people with dementia, carers and former carers. He is also involved in a large number of government-funded research studies, providing expertise in patient and public involvement (PPI).

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Reynolds ~ Leanne

Research Operations Manager, Asthma UK. Leanne Reynolds joined Asthma UK in October 2012 and coordinates the research funding process, also providing support to researchers in carrying out their work. This includes involving people with asthma at all stages of the research cycle and general oversight of a group of approximately 160 Research and Policy volunteers.

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