Medicines reconciliation

Medicines reconciliation is the process some hospital staff will use to find out what medicines you were taking before you came into hospital and make sure you are prescribed the correct medications when you are admitted.

Definition submitted by a consensus panel held at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals Trust with members of an existing PPI panel. The piece of work has been featured in Health Expectations and also won best poster at the 2018 HSRPP: Health Services Research & Primary Practice Conference in Newcastle.


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Valid Research Application

A complete NIHR research application that has been received by the NHS provider following its submission via IRAS that enables regulatory reviews by other agencies (including but not limited to Research Ethics Committee and MHRA approval) to be conducted in parallel with the work on NHS permission by the contractor.

NIHR Guidance on the definition of VRA


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Urgent Safety Measure (USM)

An appropriate measure required to be taken in order to protect the subjects of a clinical trial against any immediate hazard to their health or safety.

Please refer to the Urgent Safety Measures station for more information.

Unexpected Adverse Reaction (UAR)

For CTIMPs: An adverse reaction, the nature or severity of which is not consistent with the applicable product information (e.g. Investigator’s brochure for an unauthorised investigational product or summary of product characteristics (SmPC) for an authorised product).