Joyce Fox
My background is in education – secondary, FE and HE – and in the management and delivery of training. I have lived with a long-term condition for over 20 years, and have provided hands-on care, support and advocacy for relatives with co-morbid conditions. My experiences have given me considerable learning and insight, and a passion to find ways to co-produce to ‘make a difference’ and contribute to change that will deliver long-term widespread benefits to patients, professionals and healthcare provision in general. I am particularly interested in the area of self-management for people with long term conditions and hidden disabilities – both in raising public and professionals’ awareness, and in supporting and developing its practice through the timely provision of appropriate resources and support. I am involved in co-production at local, regional and national level, and am keen to contribute to, and ensure there is, meaningful and effective public involvement at all stages of service delivery and research. I have participated in a variety of research studies, and I am currently a member of a number of advisory groups and a research partner. I am particularly interested in the areas of Learning and Development, and Community and Partnerships.