Lizzie Thomas

Lizzie Amis photo

I work at NICE (the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence) as a Senior Public Involvement Adviser in the Public Involvement Programme (PIP). The PIP is the team at NICE dedicated to patient, carer and public involvement.

 I am responsible for the strategic development of patient and public involvement in numerous work programmes at NICE, focussing on those to do with assessing pharmaceuticals and other medical technologies. NICE has always had a strong commitment to patient and public involvement in all our work, including: having lay members on all our committees; asking for evidence from patients, carers and the public, and the groups that represent them; and having open, genuine consultation.

As the work of NICE is closely linked to the work of the NIHR and INVOLVE, with similar challenges and also opportunities, I hope to bring my experience of involving people at NICE to my role as an INVOLVE member.