Sophie Ainsworth
I stumbled into the world of research and healthcare, following a diagnosis of Lupus in 2014, when I was 14 years old. Since then I have become a passionate advocate for patient voice in healthcare, particularly for children and young people, who are often overlooked. Following my diagnosis, I became a participant in research studies, both as a patient and being on advisory groups. I have sat on the advisory group for the TRECA Study, which develops multimedia interventions for patient information sheets. I have also worked closely with the Alder Hey Clinical Research Facility and Lupus UK on a variety of projects and have been an NIHR Patient Research Ambassador for two years. Most of my work nowadays focuses on RAiISE, a charity I founded two years ago which stands for Raising Awareness of invisible Illnesses in Schools and Education. It is dedicated to supporting students who are living with 'invisible' illnesses to ensure they are given the support they need in school by equipping teachers with resources and information to do so.