Veronica Swallow
Veronica Swallow photo As Professor of Child and Family Health at the University of Leeds I enjoy teaching health professionals and undertaking research. Building on many years experience of working in and leading NHS services for sick children, young people and their families, I am enthusiastic about working with families and health-professionals to identify research priorities. I lead and collaborate on research that involves family members as co-researchers and advisors. With my colleagues I aim to undertake meaningful research that is enjoyable and engaging for children, young people and parents/carers. Outputs from my research help us understand healthcare from the different perspectives of family members, educate health professionals, shape services and deliver care that matches children, young people’s and parents/carers’ identified needs and preferences. I have experience of working with research-grant awarding bodies including NIHR and health-care charities, and research ethics committees, and am regularly asked to review research funding applications and publications in peer reviewed journals