James Lind Alliance require patients or carers for panel on healthcare-acquired infection

Three patients or their representatives are required to attend a one day meeting on 28th February 2019 (London www.friendshouse.co.uk) where the priorities are ranked by 15 staff and 15 patients with help from professional facilitators.

This is the culmination of a project which started in 2016 focusing on healthcare-acquired infection. Although we have had success against MRSA and Clostridium difficile there are new threats such as multi resistant Gram negatives (Carbapenem Resistant Organisms). We are also trying to reduce septicaemia arising from urinary tract infection. The project (James Lind Alliance) is under the auspices of National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) and follows a very careful method to obtain research priorities important to both patients and staff. Through a series of surveys, patient questionnaires and meetings a list of important topics is obtained. These are then used by NIHR for their future grant calls. http://www.jla.nihr.ac.uk/jla-guidebook/chapter-8/final-priority-setting.htm

Should you wish to be involved, please contact Professor Peter Wilson or call 0203 4479516