Join a co-production workshop in Bristol on 23rd November

INVOLVE’s Gary Hickey will be speaking with colleagues from CLAHRC West and People in Health West of England at a workshop in Bristol on co-production on 23rd November.

Public contributors, healthcare staff and researchers are invited to share insights from their own experiences of co-produced research, at various workshops. Through these, the aim is to develop and co-produce practical guidance with researchers, public contributors and healthcare staff, to help everyone work together and share power more effectively when co-producing health and social care research. This can sometimes be a challenge, as there are many inequalities that can affect this such as:

  • hierarchical inequalities in university and health systems
  • knowledge hierarchies where some types of evidence are favoured over others
  • social inequalities, which can be rooted in wider economic and societal inequalities.

For full details of the event read more here.