Live Stream tomorrow at 10.30 Creating Connections: Diversity in Involvement in Research

A regional event is being held in Newcastle tomorrow (16th October) at 10.30 am to showcase examples of patient and public involvement (PPI) in health and social care research. Presentations will look at both local context and national priorities. The afternoon workshops will be run in collaboration with INVOLVE and will focus on how we include a more diverse group of people in health and social care research. Key note speakers are: Lynne Corner, Director of Engagement, Faculty of Medical Sciences, Newcastle University, Zoë Gray, Director, INVOLVE and Paula Wray, Senior Public Involvement manager, INVOLVE.

The event is oversubscribed and registration for the event is now closed – however the event will be live streamed on the internet to involve as many people as possible. In order to watch the key presentations live, you do not need to register, simply click on the link below from 10.30am.