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The co-production of what? Knowledge, values, and social relations in health care.

Angela Filipe, Alicia Renedo, Cicely Marston.
PLoS Biology 15(5): e2001403.
Added: 21 January 2019

Psychosocial intervention for rural women with breast cancer.

Angell, K., Kreshka, M., McCoy, R., Donnelly, P., Turner-Cobb, J., Graddy, K., Kraemer, H. & Koopman, C.
Journal of General Internal Medicine, 18, 499-507.
Added: 27 January 2009

Consumer involvement in cancer research: example from a Cancer Network

Arain, M., Pyne, S., Thornton, N., Palmer, S. and Sharma, R.
Health Expectations, advance e-publication, DOI: 10.1111/hex.12143
Added: 08 January 2014

Briefing Paper: Using lay reviewers in the peer review process.

Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC)
London: AMRC.
Added: 21 February 2007

Public involvement in health genomics: the reality behind the policies.

Avard, D., Jean, M., Gregoire, G. & Page, M.
International Journal of Consumer Studies, 34(5), 508-524.
Added: 28 September 2010