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Involving disabled children and young people as partners in research: a systematic review

Bailey, S., Boddy, K., Briscoe, S. and Morris, C.
Child: care, health and development, doi: 10.1111/cch.12197 [Epub ahead of print]
Added: 04 November 2015

Impacts of older people’s patient and public involvement in health and social care research: a systematic review.

Baldwin J, Napier S, Neville S and Wright-St Clair V.
Age and Ageing, 47(6), 801–809.
Added: 30 November 2018

Determining priorities for research to improve fundamental care on hospital wards

Ball J; Ballinger C; De Iongh A; Dall’Ora C; Crowe S; Griffiths P
Research Involvement and Engagement 02:31:00
Added: 18 September 2018

Lived experience researchers partnering with consumers and carers to improve mental health research: Reflections from an Australian initiative.

Banfield M, Randall R, O'Brien M, Hope S, Gulliver A, Forbes O, Morse AR, Griffiths K.
International Journal of Mental Health Nursing, 27(4):1219-1229.
Added: 19 February 2019

Evaluating the impact of service user involvement on research: a prospective study

Barber, R., Beresford, P., Boote, J., Cooper, C. and Faulkner, A.
International Journal of Consumer Studies, 35, 609-615
Added: 08 February 2012

Can the impact of public involvement on research be evaluated? A mixed methods study.

Barber, R., Boote, J., Parry, G., Cooper, C., Yeeles, P. & Cook, S.
Health Expectations 2012 Sep;15(3):229-41. doi: 10.1111/j.1369-7625.2010.00660.x. Epub 2011 Feb 17.
Added: 28 February 2011

The PC11 Report. An evaluation of consumer involvement in the London Primary Care Studies Programme.

Barnard, A., Carter, M., Britten, N., Purtell, R., Wyatt, K. & Ellis, A.
Peninsula Medical School, Exeter, UK.
Added: 05 September 2006

Privileging place: reflections on involving people with dementia in a residency

Bartlett R
Dementia: the International Journal of Social Research and Practice 14, 6, 788-799
Added: 18 September 2018

Patient advocate involvement in the design and conduct of breast cancer clinical trials requiring the collection of multiple biopsies.

Batten L, Subarna Bhattacharya I, Moretti L, Haviland J, Emson M, Miller S, Jefford M, MacKenzie M, Wilcox M, Hyslop M, Todd R, Snowdon C and Bliss J.
Research Involvement and Engagement 4:22
Added: 08 January 2019