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Craft metrics to value co-production.

Catherine Durose, Liz Richardson and Beth Perry.
Nature 562, 32-33.
Added: 18 January 2019

“Still learning and evolving in our approaches”: patient and stakeholder engagement among Canadian community-based primary health care researchers.

Claire Kendall, Michael Fitzgerald, Rachel Seoyeon Kang, Sabrina T. Wong, Alan Katz, Martin Fortin, Emilie Dionne, Kerry Kuluski, Mary Ann O’Brien, Jenny Ploeg, Lois Crowe and Clare Liddy.
Research Involvement and Engagement 4:47
Added: 08 January 2019

Assessing community (peer) researcher’s experiences with conducting spirometry and being engaged in the ‘Participatory Research in Ottawa: Management and Point-of-care for Tobacco-dependence’ (PROMPT) project.

Catherine B. Charron, Alzahra Hudani, Tina Kaur, Tiffany Rose, Kelly Florence, Sadia Jama and Smita Pakhalé.
Research Involvement and Engagement 4:43
Added: 08 January 2019

Contributions of patient and citizen researchers to 'Am I the right way up?' study of balance in posterior cortical atrophy and typical Alzheimer's disease.

Crutch SJ, Yong KX, Peters A, Ocal D, Kaski D, Gonzalez AS, Ryan N, Ball S, Harrison CR, Murphy C, Hulme P, Phillips I, Hulme G, Brown A, Brown L, Riley P, Ramsey L, Woods A, Day B.
Added: 08 January 2019

Making patient relevant clinical research a reality.

Crowe S, Giles C.
Added: 04 December 2018

Enhancing the incorporation of the patient’s voice in drug development and evaluation.

Chalasani M, Vaidya P and Mullin T.
Research Involvement and Engagement 4:10
Added: 30 November 2018

Impact of patient and public involvement on enrolment and retention in clinical trials: systematic review and meta-analysis.

Crocker J, Ricci-Cabello I, Servet M, Parker A, Hirst J, Chant A, Petit-Zeman S, Evans D, Rees S.
BMJ 363:k4738
Added: 30 November 2018

Partnering with parents to advance child health research.

Curran J, Bishop A, Chorney J, MacEachern L, Mackay R.
Healthcare Management Forum. 31(2):45-50.
Added: 28 November 2018

Public and patient involvement in dementia research: Time to reflect?

Charlesworth, G.
Dementia ePub
Added: 09 November 2018