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The burden of proof: The process of involving young people in research.

Gail Dovey‐Pearce, Sophie Walker, Sophie Fairgrieve, Monica Parker, Tim Rapley.
Health Expectations ePub ahead of print.
Added: 18 March 2019

The Missing Stakeholder Group: Why Patients Should be Involved in Health Economic Modelling.

George A. K. van Voorn, Pepijn Vemer, Dominique Hamerlijnck, Isaac Corro Ramos, Geertruida J. Teunissen, Maiwenn Al, and Talitha L. Feenstra.
Applied Health Economics and Health Policy. 14: 129–133.
Added: 04 March 2019

Service user reflections on the impact of involvement in research.

Gordon J, Franklin S and Eltringham S.
Research Involvement and Engagement 4:11
Added: 30 November 2018

Ethical Use and Impact of Participatory Approaches to Research in Post-Disaster Environments: An Australian Bushfire Case Study.

Gibbs L, Block K, MacDougall C, Harms L, Baker E, Richardson J, Ireton G,1 Gallagher H, Bryant R, Lusher D, Pattison P, Watson J, Gillett J, Pirrone A, Molyneaux R, Sexton-Bruce S and Forbes D.
BioMed Research International
Added: 28 November 2018

Research participants as collaborators: Background, experience and policies from the PREVENT Dementia and EPAD programmes.

Gregory S, Wells K, Forysth K, Latto C, Szyra H, Saunders S, Ritchie CW, Milne R.
Added: 26 November 2018

An evidence base to optimise methods for involving patient and public representatives in clinical trials: a systematic investigation of a cohort of Health Technology Assessment funded clinical trials

Gamble C; Dudley L; Allam A; Bell P; Buck D; Goodare H; Hanley B; Preston J; Walker A; Williamson P R; Young B
An evidence base to optimise methods for involving patient and public contributors in clinical trials: a mixed-methods study
Added: 19 September 2018

Lay involvement in the analysis of qualitative data in health services research: a descriptive study

Garfield S; Jheeta S; Husson F; Jacklin A; Bischler A; Norton C; Franklin B D
Research Involvement and Engagement 2, 1,
Added: 19 September 2018

The Value of Patient and Public Involvement in Trial Design and Development

Gasson S; Bliss J; Jamal-Hanjani M; Krebs M; Swanton C; Wilcox M
Clinical Oncology (Royal College of Radiologists) 27, 12, 747-9
Added: 19 September 2018

Priority setting in research: user led mental health research

Ghisoni M; Wilson C A; Morgan K; Edwards B; Simon N; Langley E; Rees H; Wells A; Tyson P J; Thomas P; Meudell A; Kitt F; Mitchell B; Bowen A; Celia J
Research Involvement and Engagement 3, 1,
Added: 19 September 2018