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Mental health service user involvement in research: where have we come from, where are we going?

Kara, H.
Journal of Public Mental Health, 12(3), 122-135
Added: 19 August 2014

Patient advocates’ role in clinical trials

Katz, M., Archer, L., Peppercorn, J., Kereakoglow, S., Collyar, D., Burstein, H., Schilsky, R. and Partridge, A.
Cancer. 2012 Oct 1;118(19):4801-5. doi: 10.1002/cncr.27485. Epub 2012 Mar 5.
Added: 04 September 2012

Just teach us the skills please, we'll do the rest: Empowering ten-year-olds as active researchers.

Kellett, M., Forrest, R., Dent, N. & Ward, S.
Children & Society, 18(5), 329-343.
Added: 27 January 2009

Older carers involvement in research: why, what and when?

Kennedy, S. in association with involved carers
University of Nottingham: Nottingham, UK and London: Macmillan Cancer Support
Added: 26 March 2012

Working with lay people in health service research: A model of co-evolution based on complexity theory.

Kernick, D. & Mitchell, A
Journal of Interprofessional Care, 24(1), 31-40
Added: 28 September 2010

Patient perspective on outcomes in rheumatology - A position paper for OMERACT 9

Kirwan, J., Newman, S., Tugwell, P. & Wells, G.
Journal of Rheumatology, 36(9), 2067-2070.
Added: 28 September 2010

Hidden caring, hidden carers? Exploring the experience of carers for people with long-term conditions

Knowles, S., Combs, R., Kirk, S., Griffiths, M., Patel, N. and Sanders, C.
Health and Social Care in the Community doi: 10.1111/hsc.12207 [EPub ahead of print]
Added: 06 July 2015