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Tea, talk and technology: patient and public involvement to improve connected health ‘wearables’ research in dementia.

Lamiece Hassan, Caroline Swarbrick, Caroline Sanders, Angela Parker, Matt Machin, Mary P. Tully and John Ainsworth.
Research Involvement and Engagement, 3:12
Added: 09 July 2019

Involving service users in the qualitative analysis of patient narratives to support healthcare quality improvement.

Louise Locock, Susan Kirkpatrick, Lucy Brading, Gordon Sturmey, Jocelyn Cornwell, Neil Churchill and Glenn Robert.
Research Involvement and Engagement 5:1
Added: 15 February 2019

Evaluation of a project to engage patients in the development of a patient-reported measure for HIV care (the I-Score Study).

Lessard D, Engler K, Toupin I, I-Score Consulting Team, Routy JP, Lebouché B.
Health Expectations 2018 doi: 10.1111/hex.12845. Epub ahead of print
Added: 26 November 2018

Clarifying the roles of patients in research.

Liabo K, Boddy K, Burchmore H, Cockcroft E, Britten N.
Added: 23 November 2018

Service user involvement in research

Lemonsky F
The Lancet. Psychiatry 2, 9, 780
Added: 20 September 2018

Current practice of public involvement activities in biomedical research and innovation: a systematic qualitative review

Lander J; Hainz T; Hirschberg I; Strech D
PLoS ONE [Electronic Resource] 9, 12, e113274
Added: 19 September 2018

What’s in a “research passport”? A collaborative autoethnography of institutional approvals in public involvement in research

Laterza V; Evans D; Davies R; Donald C; Rice C
Research Involvement and Engagement 2, 1,
Added: 19 September 2018

The power of symbolic capital in patient and public involvement in health research

Locock L; Boylan A M; Snow R; Staniszewska S
Health Expectations 24, 24
Added: 19 September 2018

Employing community participative research methods to advance service user collaboration in social work research

Loughran, H. and McCann, M.
British Journal of Social Work, 45(2), 705-723
Added: 29 September 2015

Conceptualising the use of public involvement in health policy decision-making

Li, K., Abelson, J., Giacomini, M. and Contandriopoulos, D.
Social Science & Medicine,138,14-21
Added: 30 July 2015