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Youth Speak: increasing engagement of young people in mental health research

Mawn L; Welsh P; Stain H J; Windebank P
Journal of Mental Health 24, 5, 271-275
Added: 19 September 2018

Seeking what matters: Patients as research partners

Mayer, M.
Patient, 5(2), 71-74
Added: 04 September 2012

Looking in a fairground mirror: reflections on partnerships in learning disability research.

McClimens, A., Grant, G. & Ramcharan, P.
In: M. Nolan, E. Hanson, G. Grant & J. Keady (Eds.) User participation in health and social care research: voices, values and evaluation (pp104-119). Maidenhead: Open University Press.
Added: 28 September 2010

Coproduction for feasibility and pilot randomised controlled trials: learning outcomes for community partners, service users and the research team.

McConnell T, Best P, Davidson G, McEneaney T, Cantrell C and Tully M.
Research Involvement and Engagement 4:32
Added: 05 November 2018

Public involvement in breast cancer research: An analysis and model for future research.

McCormick, S., Brody J., Brown, P. & Polk, R.
International Journal of Health Services, 34(4), 625-646.
Added: 20 February 2007

National Standards for Public Involvement in Research: missing the forest for the trees.

McCoy M, Rolanda Jongsma K, Friesen P, Dunn M, Plunkett Neuhaus C, Rand L and Sheehan M.
Journal of Medical Ethics ePub ahead of print
Added: 09 November 2018

Perspectives: Patient and public involvement and research impact: A reciprocal relationship

McKenna H
Journal of Research in Nursing 20, 8, 723-728
Added: 20 September 2018

The value of involvement from the perspective of service users and carers engaged in practitioner education: Not just a cash nexus

Mckeown, M., Malihi-Shoja, L., Hogarth, R., Jones, F., Holt, K., Sullivan, P., Lunt, J., Vella, J., Hough, G., Rawcliffe, L., Mather, M. and CIT
Nurse Education Today, 32(2), 178-84
Added: 04 September 2012

What is involvement in research and what does it achieve? Reflections on a pilot study of the personal costs of stroke.

McKevitt, C., Fudge, N. & Wolfe, C.
Health Expectations, 13(1), 86-94.
Added: 28 September 2010