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Consumer involvement in decisions about what health-related research is funded.

O'Donnell, M. & Entwistle, V.
Health Policy, 70, 281-290.
Added: 26 February 2007

Consumer involvement in research projects: the activities of research funders.

O'Donnell, M. & Entwistle, V.
Health Policy, 69(2), 229-238.
Added: 21 February 2007

Broadening public participation in systematic reviews: a case example involving young people in two configurative reviews

Oliver, K., Rees, R., Brady, L., Kavanagh, J., Oliver, S. and Thomas, J.
Research Synthesis Methods, 6(2), 206-17
Added: 30 July 2015

Public involvement influences a national research agenda

Oliver, S., Armes, D. and Gyte, G.
Patient, 2(3), 179-190
Added: 08 February 2012

Involving consumers in research and development agenda setting for the NHS: developing an evidence-based approach.

Oliver, S., Clarke-Jones, L., Rees, R., Milne, R., Buchanan, P., Gabbay, J., Gyte, G., Oakley, A. & Stein, K.
Health Technology Assessment, 8(15).
Added: 21 February 2007

Public involvement in research: making sense of the diversity

Oliver, S., Liabo, K., Stewart, R. and Rees, R.
Journal of Health Services Research & Policy, doi: 10.1177/1355819614551848. [Epub ahead of print]
Added: 28 October 2014

Involving service users in intervention design: A participatory approach to developing a text-messaging intervention to reduce repetition of self-harm.

Owens, C., Farrand, P., Darvill, R., Emmens, T., Hewis, E. & Aitken, P.
Health Expectations, (in press).
Added: 21 October 2010