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Patients’ roles and rights in research.

Paul Wicks, Tessa Richards, Simon Denegri, Fiona Godlee.
BMJ; 362:k3193.
Added: 18 January 2019

Involving minority ethnic communities and diverse experts by experience in dementia research: The Caregiving HOPE Study.

Parveen S, Barker S, Kaur R, Kerry F, Mitchell W, Happs A, Fry G, Morrison V, Fortinsky R, Oyebode JR.
Dementia, 17(8): 990-1000.
Added: 09 January 2019

Current trends in patient and public involvement in cancer research: A systematic review.

Pii K, Schou L, Piil K, and Jarden M.
Health Expectations Epub ahead of print doi: 10.1111/hex.12841.
Added: 19 November 2018

Patient and public involvement in the design of clinical trials: An overview of systematic reviews.

Price A, Albarqouni L, Kirkpatrick J, Clarke M, Liew SM, Roberts N, Burls A.
Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice 24(1): 240-253.
Added: 12 November 2018

Self-Management Open Online Trials in Health (SMOOTH): Methods and public involvement survey of corresponding authors of existing online trials.

Price A, Vasanthan L, Clarke M, Liew S, Brice A and Burls A.
European Journal for Person Centred Healthcare, 6(3), pp. 372-378.
Added: 12 November 2018

Childbearing women's experiences of midwives' workplace distress: Patient and public involvement.

Pezaro S, Pearce G, Bailey E.
British Journal of Midwifery 26 (10): 659-669.
Added: 12 November 2018

Frequency of reporting on patient and public involvement (PPI) in research studies published in a general medical journal: a descriptive study.

Price A, Schroter S, Snow R, Hicks M, Harmston R, Staniszewska S, Parker S and Richards T.
BMJ Open
Added: 09 November 2018

Partners in projects: preparing for public involvement in health and social care research

Parkes J H; Pyer M; Wray P; Taylor J
Health Policy 117, 3, 399-408
Added: 20 September 2018

Future Research in Graves' Orbitopathy: From Priority Setting to Trial Design Through Patient and Public Involvement

Perros P; Dayan C M; Dickinson A J; Ezra D G; Hickey J L; Hintschisch C; Kahaly G; Lazarus J H; Ludgate M; Bartes B; MacEwen C J; Mitchell A L; Morris D; O'Connor N; Pearce S H; Rose G E; Salvi M; Wiersinga W M; Williamson A; Thyroid Eye Dis Amsterdam D; European Grp Graves Orbitopathy E U
Thyroid 25, 11, 1181-1184
Added: 19 September 2018