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Co-research with older people with dementia: Experience and reflections

Tanner, D.
Journal of Mental Health, 21(3), 296-306
Added: 04 September 2012

Engaging “seldom heard” groups in research and intervention development: Offender mental health.

Taylor C, Gill L, Gibson A, Byng R, Quinn C.
Health Expectations ePub ahead of print.
Added: 09 November 2018

Learning about service user involvement in mental health research.

Telford, R. & Faulkner, A.
Journal of Mental Health, 13(6), 549-559.
Added: 22 February 2007

What does it mean to involve consumers successfully in NHS research? A consensus study

Telford, R., Boote, J.D. & Cooper, C.L.
Health Expectations 2004, 7(3), 209-220
Added: 26 March 2012

Advocacy groups as research organisations: the PXE International example

Terry, S., Terry, P., Rauen K., Uitto J. & Bercovitch, L.
Nature Reviews Genetics, 8(2), 157-164
Added: 30 March 2007

Older people and research partnerships.

Tetley, J., Haynes, L., Hawthorne, M., Odeyemi, J., Skinner, J., Smith, J. & Wilson, D.
Quality in Ageing - Policy, Practice and Research, 4(4), 18-23.
Added: 22 February 2007

Let me in - I'm a researcher! Getting involved in research

The Learning Difficulties Research Team with assistance from Bewley, C. & McCulloch, L.
London: Department of Health
Added: 03 April 2007