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Early career researchers’ perspectives and roles in patient-oriented research.

Rouleau G, Bélisle-Pipon J, Birko S, Karazivan P, Fernandez N, Bilodeau K, Chao y, de Pokomandy A, Foley V, Gagnon B, Gontijo Guerra S, Khanji C, Lamoureux-Lamarche C, Lebouché B, Lunghi C, Menear M, Riverin B and Rodrigue C.
Research Involvement and Engagement 4:35
Added: 05 November 2018

Editorial: Nurturing research partnerships with older people and their carers: Learning from experience.

Davies, S. & Nolan, M.
Quality in Ageing - Policy, practice and research, 4(4), 2-5.
Added: 22 February 2007

Effectiveness of critical care discharge information in supporting early recovery from critical illness

Bench, S., Day, T. and Griffiths, P.
Critical Care Nurse, 33(3), 41-52
Added: 08 January 2014

Effects of client interviewers on client-reported satisfaction with mental health services.

Clark, C., Scott, E., Boydell, K. & Goering, P.
Psychiatric Services, 50(7), 961-963.
Added: 28 February 2008

Eliciting users' views of ECT in two mental health trusts with a user-designed questionnaire.

Philpot, M., Collins, C., Trivedi, P., Treloar, A., Gallacher, S. & Rose, D.
Journal of Mental Health, 13(4), 403-413.
Added: 28 January 2009

Embedding a recovery orientation into neuroscience research: Involving people with a lived experience in research activity

Stratford, A., Brophy, L., Castle, D., Harvey, C., Robertson, J., Corlett, P., Davidson, L. and Everall, I.
Psychiatry Quarterly DOI: 10.1007/s11126-015-9364-4 [Epub ahead of print]
Added: 06 July 2015

Embedding patient and public involvement: Managing tacit and explicit expectations.

Fiona Poland, Georgina Charlesworth, Phuong Leung, Linda Birt.
Health Expectations, [Epub ahead of print]
Added: 23 January 2020

Embracing complexity and uncertainty to create impact: exploring the processes and transformative potential of co-produced research through development of a social impact model.

Kate Beckett, Michelle Farr, Anita Kothari, Lesley Wye and Andrée le May.
Health Research Policy and Systems 16:118
Added: 23 January 2019

Emergence of participatory methodology in learning difficulty research: Understanding the context.

Chappell, A.
British Journal of Learning Disabilities 28, 38-43.
Added: 27 January 2009