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Female genital mutilation in the UK- where are we, where do we go next? Involving communities in setting the research agenda.

Dixon S, Agha K, Ali F, El-Hindi l, Kelly B, Locock l, Otoo-Oyortey N, Penny S, Plugge E and Hinton L.
Research Involvement and Engagement 4:29
Added: 08 January 2019

Field research with underserved minorities: The ideal and the real.

Stiffman, A., Freedenthal, S., Brown, E., Ostmann, E. & Hibbeler, P.
Journal of Urban Health, 82 (2, Suppl 3), iii56-iii66.
Added: 28 January 2009

Finding a way to pay in the UK: methods and mechanisms for paying service users involved in research.

Rickard, W. and Purtell, R.
Disability & Society, 26(1), 33-48.
Added: 09 February 2011

Frequency of reporting on patient and public involvement (PPI) in research studies published in a general medical journal: a descriptive study.

Price A, Schroter S, Snow R, Hicks M, Harmston R, Staniszewska S, Parker S and Richards T.
BMJ Open
Added: 09 November 2018

From our perspective: Consumer researchers speak about their experience in a community mental health research project.

Reeve, P., Cornell, S., D'Costa, B., Janzen, R. & Ochocka, J.
Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal, 25(4), 403-408.
Added: 28 January 2009

From passive subjects to equal partners: Qualitative review of user involvement in research.

Trivedi, P. & Wykes, T.
British Journal of Psychiatry, 181, 468-472.
Added: 28 February 2008

From plans to actions in patient and public involvement: qualitative study of documented plans and the accounts of researchers and patients sampled from a cohort of clinical trials

Buck D; Gamble C; Dudley L; Preston J; Hanley B; Williamson P R; Young B; Group E P A; Group E P A
Health Expectations 18, 1, 95-110
Added: 18 September 2018

From tokenism to empowerment: progressing patient and public involvement in healthcare improvement.

Josephine Ocloo, Rachel Matthews.
BMJ Quality and Safety ;25:626-632.
Added: 18 January 2019