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The East Side Village Health Worker Partnership: Integrating research with action to reduce disabilities.

Schulz, A., Israel, B., Parker, E., Lockett, M., Hill, Y. & Wills, R.
Public Health Reports 116, 548-557.
Added: 28 January 2009

The effect of disclosure of mental illness by interviewers on reports of discrimination experienced by service users: A randomised study

Hamilton, S., Pinfold, V., Rose, D., Henderson, C., Lewis-Holmes, E., Flach, C. and Thornicroft, G.
International Review of Psychiatry, 23(1), 47-54
Added: 05 November 2014

The effect of involvement in participatory research on parent researchers in a Sure Start Programme.

Rowe, A.
Health and Social Care in the Community, 14(6), 465-473.
Added: 28 January 2009

The experience of living with stroke and using technology: opportunities to engage and co-design with end users

Nasr N; et a
Disability and Rehabilitation: Assistive Technology 11, 8, 653-660
Added: 19 September 2018

The experiential knowledge of patients: a new resource for biomedical research?

Caron-Flinterman, J., Broerse, J. & Bunders, J.
Social Science & Medicine, 60, 2575-2584.
Added: 22 February 2007

The extent, quality and impact of patient and public involvement in primary care research: a mixed methods study.

Steven Blackburn, Sarah McLachlan, Sue Jowett, Philip Kinghorn, Paramjit Gill, Adele Higginbottom, Carol Rhodes, Fiona Stevenson and Clare Jinks.
Research Involvement and Engagement 4:16
Added: 08 January 2019

The GRIPP checklist: Strengthening the quality of patient and public involvement reporting in research

Staniszewska, S., Brett, J., Mockford, C. and Barber, R.
International Journal of Technology Assessment in Health Care, 27(4), 391-399
Added: 08 February 2012

The impact of consumer involvement in research: An evaluation of consumer involvement in the London Primary Care Studies Programme.

Wyatt, K., Carter, M., Mahtani, V., Barnard, A., Hawton, A. & Britten, N.
Family Practice, 25(3), 154-161.
Added: 28 January 2009

The impact of participatory and non-participatory evaluations on meeting project objectives.

Niba, M. & Green, J.
African Journal of AIDS Research, 4(2), 103-113.
Added: 28 January 2009