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Collaborative evaluation with service users: Moving towards user-controlled research.

Evans, C. & Fisher, M
I Shaw & J Lishman (eds), Evaluation and Social Work Practice (pp101-117). London: Sage
Added: 20 February 2007

Effects of client interviewers on client-reported satisfaction with mental health services.

Clark, C., Scott, E., Boydell, K. & Goering, P.
Psychiatric Services, 50(7), 961-963.
Added: 28 February 2008

Involving patients in clinical research.

Goodare, H. & Lockwood, S.
BMJ, 319, 724-725.
Added: 22 February 2007

User controlled research and empowerment.

Evans, C. & Fisher, M.
In: W. Shera & L. Wells (Eds.), Empowerment practice in social work: Developing richer conceptual foundations (pp 348-369). Toronto: Canadian Scholars Press.
Added: 27 February 2007